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    The Spanish Technology Platform Packaging aims to provide a joint strategic response of the packaging industry and at the same time, create a common space for exchanging knowledge, join forces and promote R & D in the packaging sector.

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  • Thematic Working Groups

    Thematic Working Groups are basic units where all technical activity develops Platform. They are formed by companies, business organizations, technology centers, and other members of Packnet, who wish to work around a common theme related to the packaging sector.

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  • Packnet International

    Packnet-Spanish Technological Platform belongs to international institutions COST Action FP1405, IAPRI and EUROPEN with the objective of further promoting R & D + i Collaborative within the packaging industry

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  • Training in packaging

    The Spanish Technology Platform Packaging offers its visitors a list of partners that offer specific training in packaging. For more information, please contact the Packnet.

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  • Technological Alerts

    Technological Alerts provide updated information on the latest patent information are being published in the world in relation to a specific technical topic: most relevant bibliographic data and image, direct access to the patent and offers, the ability to export to pdf the complete list of patents.

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  • Packnet, image of the coupon ONCE

    Packnet image has been five and a half million coupons of the National Organization of Blind Spaniards thanks to its line of action "Package for all".

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  • R & D calls

    Platform contributes to identifying the needs of R & D in the sector of packaging and oriented in order to meet the challenges of society. Fosters and coordinates R & D consortia for participation in National Plans and EU Framework Programmes.

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  • New partners Packnet

    Packnet has been established as an open forum for multidisciplinary work led by the respective companies and business associations in the sector, also counting on the support of technology centers, research organizations, universities and independent professionals.

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    The overall objective of the Spanish Technology Platform Packaging is to provide a joint strategic response to the packaging sector and at the same time, create a common space for exchanging knowledge, join forces and promote R & D in the packaging sector. Join up!

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coupon ONCE 21 January Package for all

Spanish Technology Platform Packaging – PACKNET

PACKNET created with the aim of becoming unifying point of meeting the interests of the packaging industry and with a clear mission to promote and foster collaboration among all stakeholders. The Spanish Technological Platform for Packaging commitment to knowledge, innovation and technological development as fundamental tools to achieve competitiveness and excellence with a long-term projection.

The Spanish Technology Platform Packaging It was established as a scientific and technological cooperation network Spanish, under the National Science and Technology and the National Research Plan, Development and Innovation, its activity being subsidized by the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation attached to Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness


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Bigdata inter-platform initiative - In recent years the phenomenon known as Big Data is attracting the interest of large number of organizations in the public and private sectors around the world and many large companies are already adopting Big Data and others are on their way to do so. At the same time the Big Data presents several challenges arising from their […]
fourth Call / Bilateral Spain-Peru call for financing of business projects Research and Technological Development - The CDTI (Spain) and CONCYTEC (Peru, and Traves del FONDECYT), within the framework of its Institutional Agreement made the “fourth Call / Bilateral call Business Technology Collaboration Spain-Peru” (2017.Phase I) and invite them to submit their proposals. This call will allow select and fund R & D collaboration between companies from both countries. […]

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Spanish bioeconomy strategy- Packnet packagingBio-based Industries Consortium (Sold) - Spanish Biocluster SBIOC - Spanish Technology Platform Packaging - PACKNET REFRESH projectNRN

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